Keep track of your kid’s location in real time.

The mobile app which helps track
your family members in real time.

Visited Places / Notification Updates

– Receive notifications when your child returns home from school. No need to worry about their whereabouts!

Track Your Child's Movement History

– See the exact movements for GPS watch. See visually where your child has been throughout the day!

Receive SOS Alert From Your Child

– By holding down the SOS button on the KiDSnav watch, you will be notified instantly when your child is in danger!

Add Multiple Devices at No Cost

– Track as many KiDSnav GPS watches as you like! Our watches have a free lifetime subscription to the app!

How It Works….

Order a KidsNav
Smart Watch from our store.

Receive your FREE sim (UK only) and KiDSnav watch

Connect to the app and track your child!

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