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KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

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 66 reviews

 by Louise

Only had the watch a week so cabbot review long term. But the watch has been fantastic extremely accurate with the location. My child was able to stay in contact with me when i was on a short break, and loves having the watch. The extra safety features such as taking a remote photo or being able to listen to surrounding noise is fantastic and i feel at ease my child playing out, just out of sight. I had a slight issue charging but a new charger was with me within days when i contacted and it works perfect. 5* customer service! I always worry these reciews are company made but I am pleased i was able to easily leave my own review of the watch. I had tried a cheaper version and the location was always at least half a mile away! This one is absolutley worth every penny!

 by Becky

Bought our Paws watch for our daughter (she loves it btw!) and we've been using it since the start of the holidays! It's been a god send! So pleased with being able to stay in contact with my daughter and see her exact location on the app!

 by Hilary James

Unbeatable value for money! No contract ties. Works very well and the GPS is very accurate. 100% recommend to other parents

 by Clare

Such a good idea. We looked around for a GPS watch for our daughter, Emily, but we didn't want to be tied into a contract. We've had this watch now for 3 months and only used a couple of pounds in credit. I'm pleased with this purchase and impressed with the customer servce at kidsnav. Thanks again xx

 by Sarah

I bought my 9 yr old a KiDSnav flow as he is to young for a phone, this is ideal! It’s very clear on the calls and tones are loud enough, gps is very accurate so far and it’s a well made product, I did however have a faulty strap and a broken screen cover delivered and a quick email and it was sorted out very quickly thanks to Laura! We would recommend this as a first phone and the app is great and easy to use. Set up is simple just follow instructions.

 by Jenni

Unbeatable for value for money. I can honestly say as a parent, once your child owns a watch, it will become an every day part of life. The sim card only charges 1p a minute for calls, so my daughter can phone me when she likes when she is out. We send eachother messages throughout the day. I would say we use this watch almost every day and we've spent about £2 credit in 3 months. Such a godsend for when the kids are wanting more independence x

 by Lindsay

Unbeatable for value. We've had this watch for 2 months now and we've only used £3 credit, and that's with alot of use! I would recommend a Kidsnav watch to any parent. We didn't want to become tied into a monthly £10 or £15 a month contract with other companies, so this watch suited our needs. You can even make a call from the watch and it reads out how much credit you have left on the sim card! 🙂

 by Leanne Grove

Thanks to Sally and the team for helping me set up my watch. I wouldn't be without it now. We originally bought a cheap GPS watch but it was awful. A friend recommended Kidsnav to me and I'm so pleased they did.

 by Lorna

KiDSnav we’re recommended to me by a friend and I’m pleased I purchased our watch though them. From rapid replies to my emails and a rapid delivery, the watch is very easy to use and set up. The concept of a kids phone watch with built in gps tracking is brilliant. I’ve read though some of these reviews and see the comment ‘peace of mind’ being mentioned a few times, but I couldn’t agree more. There are so many built in features to the watch too, like an alarm, schedule, do not disturb setting for when my child is at school and so much more. Best investment I’ve made x

 by Alice

Brilliant product. Was informed about this company from a friend and so happy I made the purchase. There is no price on the safety of your child and the peace of mind that Kidsnav watches give you. Delivered in 2 days and set up within 15 minutes or so. 5/5 rating

 by Nuala

Got for my sons 9th birthday, he absolutely loves it. I like it too, as i can contact him when i need to and can also track with GPS.

 by Morag

We're so pleased with our Kidsnav watch, we're in fact just about to place an order for my daughter as a Christmas present. My son already has the Ridge watch and wears it every day.

We bought his watch about 4 months ago now and we've only used a couple of pounds of credit on the SIM card. The pay as you go SIM card that Kidsnav supply with the watches make these the best value watches available, and we've tried them all.

Very happy with the app. It updates and lets us know where our son is and we can phone him, or video call him. I've recommended this product to at least 10 of my friends, so expect some more orders! 😛

M x

 by Jen

Such AWESOME watches! My daughter didn't know if she wanted either the Pink Flow or Pink Starlet. We ordered the Flow and bought a Starlet strap, so she can insert the watch face into either! The interchangeable straps are a great idea 🙂

 by Hazel

Exactly what we wanted! Basically a phone for your child but you have all the controls via the app. We have disabled the dial pad for now so our son (10) can only dial the numbers we put in his phonebook.
If he calls us we just phone him back using our free mobile calls, so he's only used pennies of credit so far (had it a month).
Couple of tech issues quickly resolved by customer service. Unbinding and binding the devices again has solved the 2 issues we've had.
Llve it. Great purcahse, highly recommend.

 by IG

I bought this watch for my 7 year old daughter. We initially had a small issue with the strap and contacted the team. Customer Service was fantastic, very quick response and immediately resolved the problem.
The watch is great, easy to use and provides peace of mind for both children and parents. Would highly recommend this product.

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