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KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

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 44 reviews

by Pete on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

Bought one of these for our daughter 2 years ago to use when we are at our holiday home, the piece of mind this gives you is second to none, we can see where she is/talk to her/message her at the touch of a button, would highly recommend.

by Sarah on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

Can't rate this company enough, one of the best for customer service which is so refreshing and appreciated. The watch came really quick, easy to use and set up, my 8 year old loves it, I thought the signal might not be great but was again pleasantly surprised at how clear it is. It's a great all round watch and the safety of knowing where your child is and being able to contact them is just fantastic!!
I would highly recommend this watch and company!!

by Lisa (Newcastle) on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

Had our KiDSnav Paws watch for 3 days now and my daughter is over the moon with it. The battery life on the watch is very good and I like how the watch doesn't update if not in motion. So, if Freya (my 5 year old) is just around the house, it uses less battery, but when her dad picks her up on a Saturday for the night, the watch can see shes in motion so it updates the GPS. Sounds quality is great and if I send her a message, she receives it instantly and visa versa so I'm always in contact with her. The best thing, and what I love most about Kidsnav watches is that it's all pay as you go and you don't have to tie into a monthly contract like you do with Moochies and a few other companies. Overall, a very good investment indeed. Thank you

by Joanna on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

We received our LAUNCH watch earlier and I can't express how happy we are with it. We've been waiting for Kidsnav to release their 4G watches and I'm so happy that we did. Right, where do I start?!...firstly, in a whole day, the watch has used very little battery. The sound quality is so so so much better than a previous watch that I owned for my child. The messaging is INSTANT. My child was in the park with their dad and we were sending voice messages to eachother and he even took a photo (of a tree! Thanks Jack!! lol). What a amazing peace of mind I now have.

by Brooke Havers on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

I own a couple of Kidsnav watches and they really have been a life saver over the last year or so. They give you such peace of mind for such a low price. I bought from Kidsnav because I didn't want to be tied into any contracts, like you do with other companies that I researched. Ten pounds credit on the sim card can last a few months if you use it for tracking. I probably spend about £20 a year on credit for the watch, as we use them every day. Nice staff, who are always on hand to help. Thank you

by Ryan on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

Got our 8 year old the pink twilight,she absolutely loves it and puts me and my wife’s mind at ease.The quality of the device and set up guide was first class,soo far very very happy 😃 thanks

by Iain on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

Can’t rate highly enough, we bought the velocity for our 8 year old who wanted to go out and play with friends in the small village we live in, peace of mind for us knowing we can pinpoint his location easily and can contact him when needed. 10 out of 10

by Jen on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

I was looking at either a Moochies, Xplora or Kidsnav watch and decided to buy a Kidsnav, and so happy that I made the right choice. The watch is less money than the other two companies, and more importantly, you're not tied into any monthly contract. Kidsnav supply a free o2 pay as you go sim card and these work so well in the watches. £10 credit lasted for about 5 months in my sons watch. So cheap to run! Customer service is spot on. Very happy

by Danielle Breen on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

Received my KIDSnav Pixels today and set it up in readiness for my sons birthday! So excited to give this to him best purchase i have made in a long time! My son loves to play out and im like a yo-yo up and down checking on him this makes things a whole lot easier! Set up was relatively straight forward simple instructions and easy to follow. Thanks so much! Delivery time was great to! Happy mum happy child 😁

by Nicola Khan on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

I purchased a watch for my 7 year old son in January 2020 and have been so impressed with the quality and the accuracy of the product. My son loves it too as it gives him a little bit of freedom when going out to play with his friends, I can call him when it's time to come home. He loves sending me little voice notes and hearts too. I love this product and he loves it too. The app is so easy to navigate and the watch is very comfortable. I have to also mention the wonderful customer service I have received each time I have contacted them with enquiries, they are prompt, friendly and super helpful. Definitely recommend purchasing one these watches as peace of mind for your kids. A watch attached to the wrist is better than a phone that can get lost in my opinion.

by Fiona on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

I bought one of these watches on Sunday, took 3 days delivery and turned up on my daughters birthday so I was very happy with that.

My daughter is 5 and of course is way too young for a phone but I thought a watch would be better, it took me a little bit of time to set it up but it's super easy to use, I can now contact my kid and she can contact me! I can see where she is, send her love hearts, she can take photos and I can request a photo from the watch, we can send eachother voice messages too. I love it and I'm so happy that I bought it.

I have never heard of this company before and normally I am not willing to trust buying when it comes with spending a fair bit of money, however after reading the reviews on here and trustpilot I decided to go for it and I would 100% recommend anyone to get one and trust this company. Will be back when my second child is 5! Thankyou so much for a great product.

It's made me feel more secure as a parent and my daughter knows she can contact me at any point, i also forgot she can send me an SOS which is brilliant. I know we don't want to smother our children but this still eases some worries for me.

by Helena on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

It’s rare that I leave reviews, but my experience with KiDSnav has been a very positive one. I’ve been wanting to buy a gps watch for my son for awhile now, but after looking at companies like Moochies and Angelsense, I didn’t like the idea of paying monthly for a watch. After a couple of email exchanges with Sally at KiDSnav, she explained that their watches are used with a pay as you go SIM card. This was exactly what I was looking for. The watch was delivered in a couple of days and setting up didn’t take long at all. KiDSnav have very detailed instructions. The app is really good. It takes about 5 minutes using the app to learn your way around, but it’s so good and gives me such peace of mind when my son is out on his bike. He’s now allowed out everyday. I love how you can set places, so if the watch exits a place on the map, you’ll be notified on the app! For the price, it really is quite amazing. How some companies are charging £200 for what KiDSnav can sell for more than half that is crazy! Bravo KiDSnav, bravo.

by Ian Seaton on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

Great bit of kit and superfast delivery, even during these crazy times! Not had a chance to test it in anger yet or explore all the functions properly but definately has potential. Was initially quite sceptical due to the price and other GPS watches for kids on the market but so far, pleasantly surprised.

by Laura Cooper on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

I was asked by Kidsnav if I could write a review about my purchase (Jellies) and I would be happy too! With the Coronavirus, we've decided to let our daughter venture out abit more on her bike, as we can't keep her cooped up inside all day, every day. It gives us reassurance that we know exactly where she is (and I mean 'exactly'. The GPS is pin point perfect). The cost of the watches is so low too, and they are so cheap to run! Don't be fooled into buying the cheap watches on eBay, I've been there and done that and sadly paid the price. Kidsnav, and the app tech team know that we're all not tech savvy and are always there to help when/if you have any problems! Very happy overall and will recommend to friends and family. Good luck with the business and stay safe xx L

by Kim Walsh on KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

I just want to say a big thank you to everyone at Kidsnav. As a nation, we're all going though the uncertain times of the Coronavirus. My daughter is 9 years old and thanks to Kidsnav, we can let her go for a ride on her bike so she's able to get her allocated exercise. The watch really is a godsend and I like that it's a pay as you go service, and that you don't have to add credit to the sim card every month. The app is very easy to set up, and we can see exactly where she cycles too. And she's also able to phone us from the watch is she's ever in trouble. For less that £60, the peace of mind that this watch brings me is priceless. Very happy and will recommend to all of my friends. Thank you

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