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KIDSnav - Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

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 88 reviews

 by Fiona Boatman

Great watch that’s easy to use for children. Gives peace of mind when the kids are out playing

 by Becki

Great watch! The best feature is the text messaging. I can send my son a text message and he can text me back via his watch. Less worrying for me whilst he is out

 by James

I got the KidsNav watch for my 4 going 5yr old girl...

I like the watch it was not too expensive.
I like how it's simple and it just works yes it could be a better screen and louder speaker and longer battery life and better camera but then expect to be paying more...

I like the app. It is easy to use and also just works
I also like you do not have to be stuck in a contract... I top the SIM with the minimum amount and she never runs out.

I say it just works because I've just received MyFirst Fone R2 for my other daughter 7yr old... Well, that doesn't just work, unfortunately...

Yes, it has a better screen better battery better camera than KidsNav but it is a lot more expensive so I expect it

However, the App is not as good it takes a lot longer to setup, and it's not very user-friendly...
I dislike it does not have Satellite view on the Map view like KidsNav has...

I need to pay £9 a month for Network Esim on myFirst Fone R2 which isn't to bad but not as good as Kidnav...

The worst part nothing just works..... although I am paying £9 a month myFirst Fone R2 Network calls don't work currently waiting for a reply as to why.... Data calling over wifi only works 10% of the time and video calling 50% of the time.... Whereas Kidsnav so far always works without fail...

myFirst Fone R2 is a letdown....so Kudos to Kidsnav for making a more reliable affordable Watch and App BUT I just wish you did offer a more upgraded version watch with a better screen, camera speaker etc for older kids...

I wouldn't have gone and looked elsewhere and bought the myFirst Fone R2....

I would like to see Kidsnav make a similar spec watch using the same app which I would have happily bought over the myFirst Fone R2

 by Heather

Piece of mind for such a small price. Such power technology on a small watch. Worth every penny

 by Jane watson

Amazing device for my 9 year old. It has given him a new found freedom and a way for us all to feel safe.
The features are fantastic both on the watch and app.
Highly recommend

 by Amanda Smyth

Worth every penny. The most advanced GPS watch for kids we've used. We could not be without it now! Thank U Kidsnav!

 by Kyle

Wow, we brought a volicity watch back in 2020. The watch was not charging. I emaiked Kidsnav to ask if the 4 pins had to be out on the charger as one was in.
They sent us a new charger for free.
Great service, great product.

 by Jenna

Hello! We bought a Kidsnav watch for the school holidays, but decided to gift it to our child earlier. They are very easy to setup and use and I would recommend them to any parent. Archie has been wearing and using his watch for about a month now and used just £1.15 in credit. Such a low cost and good product.

 by Kimberly

This product is recommended by us. We purchased a Kidsnav watch for our son, mainly for the recent half term. I don't think we would want to be without it now. We can text him when he's out with friend and check the app to see where he is.

 by Danielle

Awesome watches! We purchased these for our kids for the holidays, but we gave them to them earlier (as we wanted to test them before we went away). They are so cheap to run. Doesn't take long to set up and the accuracy of the tracking is brill. Fab product x

 by Emma

Honestly better that what I was expecting. We bought a Kidsnav watch for the bank holiday just gone, as we have been out of the house a lot with our daughter and it's been a godsend. So easy to set up and use. We love the designs you guys have, especially the paws watch!

 by Louise

We purchased this watch for our little boy and can't recommend the product enough! My little boy chose the green stealth watch and he loves it. The quality, price and features of the watch are excellent. Some of the features our little boy can't use just let but it's a watch that he can grow with and gives us such peace of mind too.

 by Beckie

Purchased for our child for Christmas and now we don't know where we would be without it. We bought the RIDGE watch, so the strap is more for grown up kids. We can contact our son when he is away from us at the park. He always has his watch set to vibrate, so we can call him and it vibrates on his wrist, and then he knows when to come home. And best of all, there is no social media on the watch. He's not ready for that yet. Great product.

 by Shelly (Inverness)

Can't recommend this watch enough. We bought our daughter a Paws watch (soooo cute!) but we decided to give it to her before Christmas. She loves it, and we love knowing where she is, and being able to contact her.

 by Gordon

Excellent customer service. We bought two for our granddaughters - excellent. Communication was easy when we had a small problem with the battery on one watch. Instantly replaced.
Recommended A++++

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