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Superb Product / Superb Price

It's very rare that I buy something online and it blows me away, but this product is amazing. We've just had a short holiday and bought a Kidsnav Jellies watch before we left. It arrived in a couple of days and was so easy to set up. Kidsnav provide a very detailed set up guide. I managed to download the Step by Step app ok and the app is brilliant. It's all clear how to use.

I looked at 2 other companies before choosing Kidsnav but there were a couple of things that put me off them.

1, other companies make you sign up for a monthly subscription, and Kidsnav is a pay as you watch (i've only used £2 credit in 2 months and been using the watch every day)

2, I noticed that other watches only offer GPS tracking, where Kidsnav offer GPS and WiFi, meaning the watches can also be tracked indoors

3, Kidsnav offer a 1 month return period and other companies don't. If the watch isn't for you, you can simply return for a refund. Not that I am, my daughter loves her Pink Jellies watch so much!!

Overall, very very impressed. Not only are these great value for money, they are very reliable. I hope my review helps you.

Sal x


Kidsnav Junior

We have just set up and are getting used to the kidsnav junior and can't believe just how much of an amazing watch it is. Its actually got a lot more functions than I even thought when I bought it. I personally had a couple of set up issues, only as I'm no good with anything electrical but the customer support were so helpful and fast in replying and sorting out any issues and it was actually really simple. I would literally give the kidsnav junior 10/10 as a product and 10/10 for the customer services too. And excellent value for money. I can't remember being happier with something I bought for £50, a must have for every child for so many reasons!

Stuart Whittington

This is a fantastic product! I set it up with Find my Kids and it couldn't have been easier.
Laura from the support team was excellent in assisting with my queries too!
Would definitely recommend and purchase more!

Kelly Simpkin

Very impressed

Hi all, the team at KiDSnav asked me if I was able to leave a testimonial after I emailed them to express my delight with my watch, so here it goes:

I purchased a Kidsnav Junior watch for my daughter. The watch and sim card arrived 3 days later and I followed the detailed instruction guide to get setup. Kidsnav have a word for word guide, to which I found very helpful. I was setup on the app within 5 minutes and I couldn't get over how accurate the GPS was. My friend has a GPS watch for her son, but it was never this accurate. I like with the Junior, that it's able to locate a wifi signal indoors, if a GPS signal can't be found outside.

I feel more at ease when my daughter is out now. I've set up places on the app, so I am alerted if she leaves that area.

Very happy 🙂

Jennifer from Bromley, Kent


I don't normally write testimonials, or customer reviews, but when something as good as this is purchased, for an amazing price, I feel the need to share my experience. I ordered a Kidsnav Classic watch for my daughter in Rose Gold. The watch itself is beautiful. It was easy to activate the sim card and download the app. The team at both Kidsnav and Step by Step are superb and work all hours providing the best customer service.

The watch itself is great. The battery lasts for ages if you use the watch properly. The GPS is accurate to within the meter! and it looks good, so my daughter feels grown up wearing it. Kidsnav have tutorial videos and everything is explained simply, as we're all not tech savvy sadly!

If you're reading this, and debating about buying a watch from this company....Don't. They are brilliant. I've had the watch for a couple of months and spent about £1.40 in credit on the sim card.

Excellent value for money.

John Henry

I bought the brand new ‘Junior’ watch when it was released. It really is brilliant. The sim card slots in easily, and I was set up on the app within two minutes. I’ve recommended KiDSnav to my friends. Great product sold at a great price. Thank you.

Beth Cruise

I have bought 2 similar watches from eBay, and they were rubbish compared to my Kidsnav watch. Kidsnav are on hand to help with any problems you may encounter, and you won’t get that support elsewhere. My son doesn’t leave the house now without his new army style venture watch. 5 out of 5 stars from me!

Helen Day

Took awhile for me to set up, but now I won’t let my daughter leave the house unless she’s wearing her Kidsnav GPS watch. It has so many great functions. I’ll be ordering another one when my son is older.

Laura James

After my 6 year old went missing, I knew we had to find a GPS device for her to wear. This device is fantastic. Not only does it trace the exact location of my daughter, I can also message her from my phone to her watch. Worth every penny.

Vicky Fitch

Really happy with my purchase. The watch was set up easily and would recommend any parent to buy one. The app is easy to use too. Thanks for shipping the watch so quickly.

Jenny partridge

Bought two of these for my children age 6 and 8 to wear on holiday at Disney Land (I was paranoid about losing them in the crowds!) They arrived quickly and the packaging was so cute (not sure who was more excited, me or the kids). The kids thought they were cool to wear and I felt reassured.

Liv Smithe

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