KiDSnav Stealth (5-12)

Popular with younger children, the KiDSnav Stealth 4G/Video calling watch is available in 4 colours! 


KiDSnav Ridge (8+)

The Ridge is available in 3 colours and is popular with older children, due to its more mature design. The watch supports 4G and video calling.


KiDSnav Starlet (5-12)

The Starlet is the most popular watch for younger kids and is popular with both boys and girls. It's available in 3 colours


KiDSnav Paws (5-12)

The cutest watch we'll ever release! The KiDSnav paws is animal themed (and it was very easy to name!) Available in 4 colours, with Pink being the most popular!


KiDSnav Flow (8+)

Another simple design, and marketed towards older children for this reason. The KiDSnav Flow is available in 3 colours.


KiDSnav Launch (8+)

Similar design to the old KiDSnav Astro watch, but the Launch supports 4G and video calling. Unique design and is available in 3 colours


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