Privacy Policy

KiDSnav Privacy Policy

KiDSnav (“we,” “our,” or “us”) understand the importance of your personal information, we will protect it in accordance with laws and regulations. We have made this Privacy Policy (“this policy”)and specifically advise that read and understand this Policy carefully before you use KiDSnavand related services(“our services”) to make appropriate choices.

This policy will help you understand:

          We collect and use your information in accordance with the policy, However, we will not collect it in a package as a way to force bundles even if you agree this Policy.

          When you use the services or turn on features, we collect and use the necessary information for the functionality and services. You may refuse to provide and it do not affect other features or services unless necessary to achieve basic business functions or as required by law and regulation. We will itemize what is necessary in the Policy.

          If your account is not signed in, We will guarantee the basic function of information push by using the device’s corresponding identifier information.If you log in to your account, we will implement information push based on account information.

          Contacts, precise geographic locations, cameras, microphones, photo album permissions are not turned on by default, only when you are authorized to use them for specific features or services, or youcan withdraw authorization. In particular, we do not collect your information when the relevant features or services are not required, even if we have obtained these sensitive permissions with your authorization.

          This Policy applies to your access to and use of our services through KiDSnav applications, KiDSnav software development Kit (SDK) and application Programming Interface (API) for third-party websites and applications.

The following will help you learn more about how we collect, use, store, transfer, share, transfer (if applicable) and protect personal information,and understand how to query, access, delete, correct, and withdraw authorized personal information.Among them,the important content of the terms about your personal information interests we have been prompted in bold form, please pay particular attentionto this part.

1. How we collect and use personal information

2. Additional information for permission to use

3. Additional information on the use of third-party (SDK / API / H5) access rights

4. How we use similar technologies like cookies

5. How we share, transfer, and publicly disclose personal information

6. How we store personal information

7. How we protect the security of personal information

8. Manage your personal information

9. Terms of use for minors

10. Changes and notifications of the Policy

11. Contact us

1. How we collect and use personal information

We collect information you provide to us directly when you use the Services.:

1.1  Sign up, log in, authenticate

1.1.1 Sign up and Login

a. When you Sign up and log in to our services, to create an account, you must provide the relevant network identification information (avatar, nickname, password). You can choose to fill in your gender, birthday, region, and personal profile to complete your information.At the time,we also store your user account preferences and settings.

b. You may also use a third-party account to log in and use KiDSnav, and you will authorize us to obtain public information (avatars, nicknames and other information that you authorize) registered on the third-party platform for binding to KiDSnav account so that you can log in directly and use ourservices.

1.1.2 Authenticate

When you use a feature or service for authentication (Parenting or Counselor), according to relevant laws and regulations, You may need to provide your real identity information (phone number) or relevant certificate (psychologist qualification) to complete the verification. This information is sensitive to personal information that you may refuse to provide, but you may not be able to access the services without affecting the normal use of other features and services.

1.2 Information browsing

a. KiDSnav may recommend information that you are interested in, and we may collect the necessary log information to achieve this feature.

b. The log information used for information display includes:

Actions you take when using the Services: click, follow, favorite, search, browse, forward

Information you provide on your initiative: feedback, post, like, comment

Geographical information: Sensor information such as GPS information, Wi-Fi access points, Bluetooth and base stations

c . The above information we collect and use is de-identified, and data analysis corresponds only to specific, unrelated codes that do not directly relate to your identity and is not associated with your real identity.

1.3 Function and Interaction

1.3. 1 Function

a . When you use features related to uploading images, WeChat, and video chat, we will ask you to authorize your camera, photo, microphone. If you refuse, you will not be able to use this feature, but it will not affect the normal use of other features.

b . When you use ” IoT SIM card” for real-name authentication according to the requirements of laws and regulations, you need to verify your identity through “face recognition” . In the process, the Third Party Certification Agency requires you to provide real name, ID number and facial feature value information. This information is sensitive to personal information that you can refuse to provide without affecting the normal use of other features. This information is only for real-name authentication and purposes specified by laws and regulations and it will not be used for other purposes without your express authorization.

1.3. 2 Release Information

a. When you post content, comments, questions or answers, we will collect information about your posts and display your nicknames, avatars, and published content.

b . When you post and select a display location, we will ask you to authorize geographic location permissions and collect location information related to this service. If you refuse to provide accurate geographic location information, you will not be able to use this feature, but it will not affect the normal use of other features.

c .We collect information you provide to us when you use the services (such as information related to you in comments, messages, post graphics, audio and video).

1.3. 3 Interactive Communication

a. When you actively follow and interact with the accounts and circles that you are interested in, and browse, comment, collect, like or forward content, we collect the accounts you follow and show you what you care about.

b. When you add contacts by using the Phone Book, Receipt Address feature, we will request contacts permission and encrypt the information in the address book with an encryption algorithm. Contacts information is sensitive personal information, if you refuse to provide,it will only prevent you from using the Quick Add feature, use of other features on KiDSnav would not affect.

1.4 Search

When you use the search service on KiDSnav, we will collect your search keyword information and log records. To provide you an efficient search service, some of the information is temporarily stored on your local storage device and shows you the results and history what’s been searched.

1.5 Safe Operation

1.5.1 Security Features

We are committed to providing you a safe, trusted product and environment,and providing quality and reliable service,and it is our core goal. Information collected to achieve security features is essential.

1.5.2 Device Information and Log Information

a. To keep your software and services running securely, we collect your hardware model, operating system version number, international mobile device identification number, unique device identifier, network device hardware address, IP address, Wi-Fi access point, Bluetooth, base station, software version number, network access method, type, status, network quality data, operation, Use, service logs.

b. To prevent malicious programs and secure operations, we collect installed application information or process information that is running, the overall operation of the application, usage and frequency, application crashes, overall installation usage, performance data, application sources.

c. We may use your account information, device information, service log information, and information that our affiliates and partners may use to determine account security, authenticate, detect, and prevent security incidents when you are authorized or legally available to you.

1.6 Changes in the Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

Please be aware that as our business grows, changes may be made to the functionality and services provided by us. In principle, when new features or services are relevant to the features or services we currently provide, the personal information collected and used will be directly or reasonably related to the original processing purpose. We collect and use your personal information in a situation where there is no direct or reasonable association with the original processing purpose, and we will inform you again and re-obtain your consent.

1.7 Exemption From Obtaining Consent To Collect and Use Personal Information

Please understand that in accordance with laws and regulations and relevant national standards,we collect and use your personal information without your authorization in the following cases :

a. Those Directly related to national security, national defense security;

b.Those Directly related to public safety, public health, and major public interests;

c.Those Directly related to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and enforcement of sentences;

d.Those For the purpose of safeguarding the personal information subject or other personal life, property and other important legal rights and interests which is difficult to obtain an individual’s consent;

e. Those The personal information we collect is that you disclose to the public by yourself;

f. Those Personal information collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, etc.;

g. Those Necessary to enter or perform a contract according to your request.;

h. Those Necessary to maintain the safe and stable operation of the software and related services, such as the detection, disposal of software and related service failures;

i. Those Necessary for legal news reporting;

j. Those Academic research institutions need to carry out statistical research or academic research based on the public interest, and de-identifying the personal information contained in the results when the results of academic research or description are provided to the outside world;

k. Those Other situations as required by laws and regulations.

Please remind that if the information cannot be personally identified individually or in conjunction with other information, it does not belong to your personal information in the legal; When it can or we will be able to use data that cannot be linked to any particular personal information in conjunction with other personal information,It will be processed and protected as your personal information in accordance with this Policy during we combined these information.

2. Additional information for permission to use

This is a summary description of the permissions that might be used by KiDSnav related features.

2.1 Address Book Permissions

Features that use this permission: phone book, shipping address contact import function.

2.2 Call Permissions

Features that use this permission: call function.

2.3 location Permissions

Features that use this permission: map function, post function, personal center profile settingsfunction.

2.4 Camera Permissions

Features that use this permission: Scan QR code function, audio and video call function, personal center profile settings function, device user information settings function.

2.5 Album Permissions

Features that use this permission: Remote photo function, WeChat (send photos) function, Screensaver settings function, posting function, personal center profile settings function, device user information settings function.

2.6 Microphone Permissions

Features that use this permission: voice reminder function, WeChat function, video call function.

3 . Additional information on the use of third-party (SDK / API / H5) access rights

In order to provide you a better experience, we would access high-quality third parties. And we will carefully evaluate the purpose of the use of shared information by related parties and third parties, conduct a comprehensive assessment of the security from them, and require them to comply with the Cooperative Legal Agreement. We will conduct strict security monitoring on software tool that partnersobtain information,like software development kits (SDK), application program interfaces (API) , and H5 to protect data security. And sharing your personal information with our affiliates and third parties through your authorization and consent, unless the shared personal information is de-identified information, and the natural person subject who shared the third party cannot re-identify such information. If related parties and third parties use it beyond the scope of the original authorized consent, they need to re-obtain your consent.

3. 1 Affiliate Advertising (SDK)

Permissions are required as follows:

1. Obtain carrier information;

2. Access to Wi-Fi network information;

3. Read your phone’s current status;

4. Access to network permissions;

5. Write / read external storage device;

6. Location;

7. Installation;

8. Obtain task information;

9. Power management operation.

3 . 2 Mobile Payment (SDK)

Permissions are required as follows:

  1. Access to network ;

2. Obtain network status;

3. Obtain Wi-Fi status;

4. Read your phone’s current status;

5. Write external storage devices;

6. Modify sound setting.

3.3 Push System  (SDK)

Permissions are required as follows:

  1. Access to network;

2. Write external storage devices ;

3. Obtain network status ;

4. Obtain Wi-Fi status ;

5. Read your phone’s current status ;

6. Installation ;

7. Obtaining task information;

8.OPPO mobile message(only for OPPO mobile phones);

9. MEIZU mobile phone message( only for Phone model MEIZU).

3.4 Video Call (SDK)

Permissions are required as follows:

1. Open camera device;

2. Change network status (e.g. whether you can access the network );

3. Modify sound settings;

4. Recording;

5. Access to network ;

6. Write external storage device;

7. Obtain network status ;

8. Obtain Wi-Fi status ;

9. Read your phone’s current status;

10. Read external storage devices ;

11. Wake lock .

4. How we use similar technologies like cookies

Cookies and similar technologies are commonly used on the Internet. When you use our services, We may use the technology to send one or more cookies or anonymous identifiers to your device to collect and store information about your access to and use KiDSnav. We promise we do not use cookies for any purpose other than the purposes described in this policy. We use cookies and similar technologies primarily to achieve the following features or services:

4.1 Ensure the Safe and Efficient Operation of Products and Services

We may set a cookie or anonymous identifier for authentication and security to enable us to confirm whether you are safely logged into the Services or have encountered theft, fraud, and other wrongdoing.These technologies will also help us improve service efficiency and sign-in and response times.

4 .2 Help You Get Easier Access Experience

Using such technologies can help you avoid the steps and processes of filling out your personal information and entering your search (such as record search, form filling).

4 .3 Recommend, Present, Push Content or Accounts You May Be Interested in

We may use cookies and similar technologies to know your preferences and usage habits, then conduct data analysis to improve product services, recommend information or features that you areinterested in, and optimize your choices of ads.

4 .4 Clear cookies

Most browsers and mobile applications provide users the ability to clear the browser’s cached data, and you can do the appropriate data clearing in the browser or application’s corresponding settings. If you do, you may not be able to use the services or corresponding functions provided by KiDSnav that rely on cookies due to these modifications.

5. How we share, transfer, and publicly disclose personal information

5 .1 Sharing

5 .1.1 sharing principles

a. Authorization agreement: Sharing your personal information with our affiliates and third parties through your authorization and consent, unless the shared personal information is de-identified information, and the natural person subject who shared the third party cannot re-identify such information. If they use information beyond the scope of the original authorized consent, they need to receive your consent again.

b. Principles of Legitimacy and Minimum Necessity: Data shared with related parties and third parties must be for legitimate purposes and the data shared to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.

c. Principles of Safety and Prudence: We will carefully evaluate the purpose of the use of shared information by related parties and third parties, conduct a comprehensive assessment of the security from them, and require them to comply with the Cooperative Legal Agreement. We will also conduct strict security monitoring on software tool that partners obtain information,like software development kits (SDK), application program interfaces (API) to protect data security.

5 .1.2 Shared Information for Function or Service Implemented

  1. We will share the de-identified personal information with our related parties and third parties when you use the features provided by them, or when software service providers, smart device providers, system service providers join forces with us to provide services to you. And we will conduct comprehensive statistics and algorithmic analysis of features and preferences to create indirect crowd portraits to recommend, display, or push information that you may be interested in, or specific features, services, or commercials that are more appropriate for you.

b . Login to a third-party account: When you use KiDSnav account to log in to a third-party product, We will share your nickname, profile picture, and other information that you authorize with the third-party products you log in.

c . Location services: When you use location related services, we share GPS information with our location service provider (AutoNavi) so that we can return location results to you. GPS information is sensitive personal information, if you refuse to provide, it only affect the location service, other functions still work.

d . Payment: The payment function is provided by a third-party payment agency that cooperates with us. Third-party payment agencies may need to collect your name, bank card type and card number, expiration date, and mobile phone number. The bank card number, expiration date, and mobile phone number are sensitive personal information. These information are necessary for payment. If you refuse to provide, it only affect the payment function, other functions still work.

5 .1.3 Controlling Advertising and Analytics

a. Push Ads: We may share information with partners who entrust us with promotion and advertising, but we do not share information (name, mobile phone number) that can identify you, and only provide them with indirect image tags and de-identified or anonymized information to help themincrease ad’s effective reach without personally identifying.

b. Advertising Statistics: We may share analytics de-identified statistics that are difficult to relate to your identity information with service providers, suppliers, and other partners of the business, which will help us analyze and measure the effectiveness of advertising and related services.

5 .1.4 Shared Information for Security and Analytics

a. Use Safety: We take account and service security seriously. And we may share the necessary equipment, account and log information with our affiliates or service providers to protect your and other users’ accounts and property from unlawful infringement of your legitimate rights and interests.

b. Analyzing Product Usage: To analyze the usage of our services and enhance the user experience, we may share statistical data on product usage (crash, flashback) that are difficult to personally identify combined with other information with related parties or third parties.

5 .1.5 Marketing and Promoting

When you participate in relevant marketing activities organized by us and our affiliates or third parties, you may be required to provide information such as your name, address, contact details, etc. This information is sensitive to personal information and if you refuse,it may affect your participation in related activities, but other features still work. Only with your consent will we share this information with a related party or third party to ensure that you receive a consistent experience in activities or to entrust a third party to redeem your reward in time.

5 .2 Transfer

a. We will not transfer your personal information to any other third party without your expressly consent.

b. As our business grows, we will be able to conduct mergers, acquisitions, asset transfers, and your personal information may be transferred. In the event of the above changes, we will continue to protect your personal information in accordance with laws and regulations and security standards not lower than those set in this Policy, otherwise we will require the recipient to re-obtain your authorization and consent.

5 .3 Disclosure

a. We will not disclose your information publicly unless we comply with national laws and regulations or receive your consent. If we do,we will use security measures that comply with industry standards.

b. We will disclose relevant account information when we announce penalties for illegal account and fraud.

5 .4 Exemption From Obtaining Consent To Share,Transfer, Publicly Disclose of Personal Information

Please understand that in the following cases, we can share, transfer and publicly disclose your personal information without your authorization in accordance with laws, regulations and national standards:

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