KiDSnav App Tutorial

KiDSnav App Tutorial

Here, we’ll show you all of the features of the KiDSnav app:


Phonebook – Here, you’re able to add up to 10 phone numbers. Once added in the app, the phone numbers will be visable in the watch phone book. Only these phone numbers can contact the watch and visa versa.

Chat – Click here to send a text message, or audio message to the watch. If you have two or more KiDSnav watches, you can have a group chat, so your family is always connected

Call Number – Please enter the phone number of the sim card that you’re using in the watch. Once entered, the app will save the number, so you can call your child from this shortcut. TIP: Add the phone number 150 to know the balance of the sim card in the watch (1pmobile only)


Message – This section will keep a record of everything! Like when the watch leaves an area that you’ve set up, low battery, SOS alarm etc

Alarms – Add up to 3 alarms, so your child won’t be late for school

Rewards – Every child deserves a reward for good behaviour. Send your child virtual hearts via the app. These hearts will appear on their KiDSnav watch.

Remote Camera – Take a photo remotely via the app. See your childs surroundings

Timetable – Your child is able to plan their class time schedule.

Video Call – You’re able to video call your child via the KiDSnav app. You can call them (via the app) or they can call you (via the watch)

SOS Alarm Contacts – Add 3 SOS contacts. When your child activates the SOS alarm (by holding down the sos button), the watch will call the SOS contacts in order. If the first contact does not answer, the second contact will automatically be called. The SOS is the only button on the side of the watch. Before the watch is connected to the app, this acts as an off/on button. Once connected/binded to the app. This acts as the SOS button.

Location Update Schedule – Decide how often the watch should update. We recommend ‘Normal’ mode (every 10 minutes)

Contextual Mode – Choose from a selection of call modes.

Sound Guardian – Enter the parents mobile phone number here. You are able to ask the watch to call you, so you can hear the sounds around the watch. IMPORTANT: This feature will only be displayed AFTER the watch has found a GPS signal. (This is because this feature is banned in Germany & Norway and our server needs to know the watch isn’t in either of these Countries)

Family Members – See which family members are linked with the watch

Do Not Disturb – Perfect for school time. This will block the child from using the watch, so they can concentrate on their studies

SMS alerts – Be notified by text message when the watch has low battery, or if the SOS alarm has been activated.

Set Local Base Station – As well as GPS, and WiFi positioning, our watches can also show an LBS signal. This, however, is not accurate and we recommend that this setting is disabled.

Find Device – If the child loses the watch, by selecting the option will make the watch make a loud noise, so it can be found.

Phonebook – Another option to see the phonebook of the watch

Function Restrictions – Many watches now have a dial pad, so an outside line can be called. This can be disabled here (recommended)

Timer Switch – You’re able to schedule a reboot or shutdown the watch here. If the child arrives home from school at 4pm, you could schedule automatic shutdown at 4.30pm

Language – Select your language. Our app is available in most World languages.

Time Zone – Select your time zone.

Night Power Saving – If enabled, the watch will disconnect from the network between 10pm and 6am.

Set Watch WiFi – Here you can connect the watch to the home WiFi, you’re also able to do this directly from the watch

Remote Shutdown – Shutdown the watch remotely with the click of a button

Restore Default Settings – Set the watch back to factory settings

Remote Restart – Restart the watch from anywhere with the click of a button


By clicking the image of the map, you have even more features!


Please note: The coloured boxes do not show in the app. We’ve added these for reference purposes.

Yellow – If you have more than one KiDSnav watch binded with the app, you’re able to see all watches on the map. This isn’t applicable if you only have one device

Black – This GPS icon will take you to the location of the watch when pressed

Purple – This mobile phone icon will show where your mobile phone is on the map

Blue – A very popular feature! Here, you’re able to set up safety zones, so if your KiDSnav watch leaves this zone, you’ll be notified via the app. You can have up to 3 zones

Red – Track where the watch has been for the last 3 months!

Brown – Change the view of the map (Normal, Satellite or Traffic)


Green GPS icon – Press this icon to manually search for the KiDSnav watch



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