About Us


Thanks for taking the time to read our ‘about us’ page. We hope, after reading, that you have a better understanding of our family run company, and our mission: to maintain our status as the largest kids GPS watch supplier in the UK.

If you’re here, you’ve either found us by accident, or you’re looking for a GPS watch for your child, as you’re looking for peace of mind for their whereabouts. You’re in the right place.

In 2016, I was in London, when my youngest daughter went missing. One minute, she was by my side, and then next, gone. She wandered off but luckily after 20 minutes (the longest of my life), we managed to find her. After that day, I returned home, crawling the Internet to find a tracking device for her. We spent a lot of money on 3 watches that just didn’t cut it. One fell apart in my hands, one was bought from eBay (and never showed up from China) and one had the most dreadful app, showing that my daughters’ location was over 4000 miles away from where she was. From that day, Kidsnav was born.

All I wanted was 3 things:

1, a reliable GPS watch that was strong and sturdy, and did not cost over £100+, like other companies advertise them for!

2, a reliable, easy to use app, in English language, that was accurate, plus great tech support!

3, no subscription fee! Instead, a ‘pay as you use’ service (why be charged for a product that you don’t use 24/7?)

After a year in the making, we, at Kidsnav Limited can offer all 3. We don’t tie our customers to monthly/yearly subscriptions. We’re based in the UK and all of our stock is in the UK. We have secured major contracts with large telecoms networks, which enable us to offer our UK customers a free sim card with every watch purchased, and we’re able to offer our own KiDSnav app to our customers for free.

Our aim is to keep the cost of our watches at the lowest online, and provide the best customer service we can. The image above is an example of the lack of support if a cheap imitation watch is purchased from eBay or Amazon

Finding the right GPS watch for your child can be a long process, but we’re always an email away to steer you in the right direction.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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