Is the watch waterproof?

Sadly, these watches are not waterproof, and we would recommend taking them off around swimming pools/water.

Can I use this watch abroad?

Yes you can. Many of our customers purchase our watches specifically for their Summer holidays. The o2 sim card that we provide can be used in most European Countries at no extra cost! Data roaming is charged the same, as if you were at home in the UK! You can check all of the Countries in o2’s Euro Zone

All other Countries, we would advise purchasing a local sim card for that Country. But please make sure that the sim supports 2G and has a data plan.

Do you ship abroad?

We only ship to the UK (all stock is also located in the UK)

I can’t find your app on app store!?

We use a third party app. With this app, you’re able to track the watch via GPS, message the watch, set distance parameters and many other fantastic features!

Can the App be install on both mine and my partners phones?

Yes! You’re able to have the app on upto 3 phones. Please note, the device can be edited in one account. The other accounts are ‘Observers’.

I have two children, can they both be added to the APP so I can monitor both of their movements?

Yes! You can connect as many watches as you want! The current record is a KidsNAV customer connecting 4 watches to the app for all of her children! 🙂

I have just ordered, when should I expect to receive my watch?

Delivery time is 3-5 days

Do I have to use the FREE sim card that you provide?

You do not have to use the sim card that we provide, however, we recommend that you do, as we can only offer support for customers that use o2. At just 3p a min, and 1p per mb. This sim card is the best, and cheapest option.

Is there a monthly cost?

No, there is no monthly cost. You just need to activate (top up) the sim card that we provide with a minimum of £10

How much does £10 credit last?

We’ve found that £10 credit can last months. Personally, £10 lasted me nearly 6 months with my watch, and I use it alot! You are able to check the balance.

How long does the battery last?

This is a tough question to answer, as it all depends how much the watch is being used and what features are being used. We advice to charge the watch on a daily basis, as we’ve found that with constant use, the watch can last for roughly 12 hours.

Does the watch come with instructions?

Yes…Online, we provide a very easy step by step guide online for you to set up your watch. The link is provided with your watch.


We hope that helps, but if you any further questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!