1pMobile.com APN


To set the 1pmobile APN, please follow the steps below (or watch the video). It’s very important as this activates the data on the sim card, without which, the watch can’t track, send messages or anything data related!



1, charge the watch by using the cable provided

2, remove the watch face from the strap casing and insert the sim card (please see video if not sure) and switch on the watch by holding the power button

3, from your mobile phone, please send a text message from your mobile phone, to the new phone number of the sim card in the watch (exactly as it appears below, all lower case – best to copy and paste)


4, you’ll receive a text message reply to your phone (which looks like below)

5, reboot the watch by going to SETTINGS > REBOOT

You’re now done and can continue with setting up the watch at


Many thanks

Child 5 Years Old or Younger? Please Visit> Kidslet Smartband <