Step by Step Setup

We have created a ‘step by step’ setup guide. Please follow it word for word (and don’t let section 3 catch you out!)

On this page, you will find the app setup guide, the app manual and the manuals for every KiDSnav watch

If after 5 days, you receive a message about paying for a subscription, please don’t worry. We promise that the app is 100% free. You would just need to confirm your IMEI number with Step by Step, explained – HERE 


(1) Please download the Step by Step APP from Itunes / Google Play –

iTunes – Click Here

Google Play – Click Here


(2) Please click ‘Allow’ for any notifications you see during setup.

(3) Please now enter your mobile phone number (NOT the o2 sim card number that we provided)

IMPORTANT: You must use the Country code, so a UK number that is 07512 123 456 will need to be entered as 447512 123 456


(4) For extra security, you are able to add a 4 digit password to the app


(5) Congratulations, your account has now been created! You can now add your KiDSnav device(s) to the app!


(6) Please ensure that your sim card has been installed correctly, as explained in our watch set up guide. Please ensure that you have topped up (activated) your sim card and you can see GSM signal / data on the front of your watch.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The sim card needs to be installed into the watch whilst the watch is OFF. When the watch is switched on, it will recognise and register the sim card.


(7) To connect to the system, please send the 3 text messages to the watch, as instructed. You will receive a series of replies, whilst the watch is connecting.


(8) You are now able to set up your child’s profile in the app, including their name, age, photo etc


(9) After the device has been successfully added, you’re able to add more KiDSnav devices to the app.

IMPORTANT: It can take up to 5 minutes for the device to connect to the app. If the connection is unsuccessful, you will automatically receive a message from Step by Step technical support, and they will assist in your setup. We appreciate your patience


(10) If you click on ‘Devices’ you can see the list of devices that you have connected to the app. If you click on a specific device, you’re able to access the watch settings and actions. Here, you add the phonebook, SOS numbers, take photographs (if the watch supports this feature), call the watch, send the watch messages, and so much more!!

App User Guide – Please click the image above.



KiDSnav Venture

KiDSnav Explore

KiDSnav Active

KiDSnav Classic

KiDSnav Aquatic

KiDSnav Jellies

KiDSnav Twilight

KiDSnav Astro

KiDSnav Pixels

KiDSnav Ultra

KiDSnav Velocity

KiDSnav Galaxy





(1) After you have downloaded the app, and added your first device (you’re able to add as many Kidsnav devices as required!), you won’t see your watch appear on the app until a GPS/LBS signal has been found. It normally takes a few minutes to receive a signal. If you see the watch on the map, but it is located miles away, this is simply because the watch has picked up an LBS (Long base station) signal (these are base stations that are located all around the world). GPS signal is unable to travel through walls, but you will see a accurate GPS signal if the watch is near a window, or being worn outside.

(2) Everytime you open the app, the app automatically searches for GPS signal, so you can see your child(ren) in ‘real time’. This is an amazing feature, but if the app is opened constantly throughout the day, you will find the battery on the watch to drain very quickly.  The pedometer also causes the battery to drain faster. As mentioned in our FAQ, watches should be charged every day, like a mobile phone, but please do not leave the device(s) charging overnight.

(3) Any questions regarding the app, which includes setup and instructions, please contact them direct, either through the app, or by emailing . Step By Step are a third party company and will be able to answer all app related questions you have.


Thank you again for your purchase!