How it Works

How it Works

Our GPS devices work by finding a GPS signal from 24 satellites that orbit the earth (3 are required to be ‘seen’ to give a GPS reading) , and this information is shown in the app. Within the app, ‘Places’ are required to be setup by the parent. These are areas where you will be notified if you child enters or leaves.

All KiDSnav devices require a sim card. We provide a FREE pay as you go o2 sim card with every watch ordered, as o2 offer 2G and data (both of which are required for the devices to work). A minimum of £10 credit is required to be added to the sim card, which can typically last for months. There are no hidden, or subscription fees.

The right way to use the watch

As soon as your device is linked to the Step by Step app, please set up places. (we provide instructions). The FREE KiDSnav tariff allows you to set upto 5 places, so when your child enters or leaves these areas, you will be notified by the app, by SMS message, or directly by the app.

The wrong way to use the watch

When the app is opened, it automatically sends the watch into ‘Active’ mode. Active mode is where the watch will update GPS coordinates every 20 seconds, so you see the location of the watch in ‘real time’. Due to the high battery consumption of Active mode, the app should only be opened during setup, and for emergencies. The wrong way to use the watch is to manually open the app to find the location of the watch throughout the day.


For positioning of GPS-watch, we use three main systems. Please note, all KiDSnav models support GPS, LBS and WiFi, except KiDSnav Venture, Explore and Protect models. These support GPS and LBS.

GPS – Global Positioning System — is a satellite-based navigation system, providing location and time data to a user of the receiver in WGS 84. Despite the weather it can determine the location on Earth (except polar areas) and near-Earth space. The United States government created the system, maintains it, and makes it freely accessible to anyone with a GPS-receiver (smartphone, watch, etc.)

Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) — navigation positioning system, based on coordinate determining by Wi-Fi points. It includes internal positioning and is wide used in urban environment because of technology development.

LBS – Location Based Service — is a software service, applying location data to manage different functions. LBS can be used in a variety of situations, such as indoor object search, everyday work, etc. For example the location of mobile object can be determined through data of cellular network bases GSM, UMTS, etc. and through location of Wi-Fi points. Its’ accuracy varies from tens of kilometres to 50 metres. The “search” in cellular LBS means finding the attachment of the phone to landmarks that service provider or network operator put on the map. It is NOT the determination of device location.

The main and the most common service of location determining is GPS. It provides high accuracy despite of almost any weather on the open spaces all over the world. Although, if the device is indoors the satellite signal can be lost or weak to detect. That is the reason of low accuracy and possible error. Wi-Fi can be an alternative way to clarify the location, in case when the device cannot catch GPS-signal. LBS is the least accurate method of positioning. It is used in the app as a last resort, for example if the device has been just connected and GPS/Wi-Fi are unavailable for positioning. In this case location accuracy may be very low until the device catches satellite signal.

NOTE: there could be an error with any positioning method! It depends on different factors: GPS module power, weather conditions, landscape, etc.