Watch Setup


KiDSnav GPS Watch Setup Guide

Please follow our setup instructions

1, Charge your KiDSnav watch using the cable provided. (You will need to supply your own USB plug). Please charge until the watch it is 100% charged. You can check charging progress by pressing the power button on the watch. Do not attempt to switch the watch on just yet. Please charge the watch via a USB wall plug (and not via a laptop etc)


2, Please click on the image below to register your sim card & to add credit. Your mobile number and PUK code is on the sim card pack. Once your account has been created. Please navigate to ‘Top Ups’ and add a minimum of £10 credit

3, Once the watch is fully charged, and credit has been applied to the sim card, please break off the NANO SIM from the sim card pack (the smallest size sim card)


4, Whilst the watch is still switched off (Important: The watch MUST be off for this), please insert the Nano sim card into the watch. The watch face needs to be removed from the strap. The video link below is an example of our Starlet watch. The same method applies to all of our watches (apart from the Launch, where the sim card tray needs to be removed first):


5, Please now turn on the watch by holding down the power button. It will take a few moments for the watch to recognise the sim card. Once recognised, the signal sign will show on the watch face. You need to swipe the screen from top to bottom to see the signal bars.

6, Once you see signal bars on the watch, it’s time to set the APN (watch internet). Without setting this, the watch won’t be able to update location coordinates.


Please send the following 2 text messages from your mobile phone, to the phone number of the sim card in the watch (exactly as they appear below, all lower case and no spaces). It’s advised to use copy and paste:



(once you receive a reply, please send the next text message)



Your phone screen will look similar to the image below:



6, When the watch has reset, please now download the KiDSnav app by clicking the image below:


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