Kids GPS Tracking Smart Watch

KIDSnav are wrist-worn mobile phones for kids (aged 2-12 years). The 2G enabled watch combines GPS tracking, along with voice calling, text messaging, pedometer and other fun features that kids love.

KIDSnav is totally safe and once paired with the KIDSnav Guardian App on the parent’s phone, the parents have peace of mind that they know where their kids are, what they are up to, and can contact them at any time.

KIDSnav is a complete package that gives kids the freedom to be safe.

Track Your Child In Real-Time Via Your Smart Phone.
Perfect For When Abroad or In Busy Places!

Main Features

GPS Tracking

Track your child’s location anywhere in the world, at anytime, using the KIDSnav App, available on iOS and Android devices.

Voice Calling

KIDSnav can make and receive calls, just like a normal phone. Talk to your child and let them talk to you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Safe Range

Adult can set ‘Safe Range’ alarm which beeps if the child has strayed out of the set perimeter.


The built-in SOS button can be pressed by the child, immediately calling the guardian.


Pedometer allows you to view the Child’s activity and the number of steps they have done per day.

Removal Sensor

The removal sensor sends the guardian an alert and activates the GPS if the KiDSnav smart watch is removed.


The History trace feature allows you to track the child’s route and is stored for 3 months.

Time & Date

Time & date display is automatically adjusted depending on the users current GPS location.

Power Saving

Intelligent power saving and battery life indicator.

Choosing The Right Watch

Find out more about each of our models and choose one that is right for you.

KIDSnav Venture
Ages 2 – 8

FREE Sim Card
OLED Screen

KIDSnav Junior
Ages 5 – 12

FREE Sim Card
Touch Screen

KIDSnav Active
Ages 5 – 12

FREE Sim Card
Touch Screen / Camera & Flash Light!

KIDSnav Aquatic
Ages 5 – 12

Free Sim Card
Free App
IP67 Waterproof Watch

KIDSnav Classic
Ages 8+

Free Sim Card
Free App
A watch for Kids & Adults

KIDSnav Protect
All Ages

Free Sim Card
Free App
Miniture Tracker

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